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The changing face of recruitment

Too often recruitment has had a short-term focus on skills and knowledge, rather than attitude, personality, and potential. Research has shown that companies are starting to change their selection methods to highlight and uncover potential rather than experience.

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Recruiting the right ingredients

When candidates are rigidly screened on skills, key-words, and experience, many good people are overlooked due to missing qualifications and job history.

The fact that you can train new skills, but not a new personality, has been grasped by digital businesses far more quickly than their traditional counterparts but it's something that is changing fast.

Finding the right people means widening the scope beyond a candidate’s CV and background. It’s about spotting people with the right attitude and determination to succeed and more importantly the ability to grow within your company.

Here at Saffron we take extra care in making sure that the right basic mix of ingredients are sought for your business in potential recruits. Like any basic recipe too much of one or not enough of another can lead to disaster. Working in partnership with our clients we will help you find that special blend.

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