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Supercharge your Career in 2020

As we drag relentlessly towards the end of 2019 and maybe just maybe break clear of Brexit and all that negativity it might be time to get ready to break clear in 2020. There is a growing consensus that once we hit the new year there will be a great deal of movement in the UK job market. Most of the clients that we are talking to right now have some ambitious hiring plans for next year and some are actually starting to gear up their recruitment right now in advance of everyone doing it in January.

Knowing where those hotspots in the job market will be will be could be one way of getting ahead but how many people have got a crystal ball in their armoury?

Some of the top jobs in demand next year have been predicted as a real mix of tech and non tech careers. From Blockchain Developers to In-Home Care givers you can't get a wider mix of careers. From FinTech professionals to Veterinary Staff and so on.

Now whether you fancy yourself as a social media marketer or a site manager on a building site if you want to move on in 2020 you are going to have to do one of a few things. If you want to get ahead in the company you already work for start asking if there is additional training available. Talk to your manager one to one about how they can help you progress and develop. The smart companies out there there is real value in developing talent from within and will support you.

If you are looking for a job right now or thinking of moving the most important thing you will need is a killer CV. In this tech age of global companies using algorithms to scan CV's you have to ensure your CV is able to handle that. Saffron offers a CV service to future-proof your CV by the way.

Once your CV is ready to go then it's time to think about where, what, who and why. These are are the questions you need to ask yourself about your next job. Again come and talk to us and we will give you impartial advice about how best to land that killer job in 2020.

Here's to a prosperous (and Brexit free 2020)

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