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Recruitment in 2019 - What to expect

CV, resume, curriculum vitae
The death of the paper CV

The death of the paper CV?

Say goodbye to paper CVs?

The future is signalling the end of the paper CV. Organisations are beginning to place more importance on soft skills. Beyond a paper document, social media profiles and video submissions can more accurately demonstrate a first impression.

For the company hiring this means keeping up with trends and being able to accommodate these technologies. For job seekers, this means developing an integrated personal brand through social media profiles, digital portfolios, and even a personal website (if appropriate for the position).

Actions required

Candidates - Develop an attractive online profile

Clients - Portray an appealing environment.

home office, working from home
Home Working

Flexible Working?

I've discussed it in previous blogs but the gig economy has impacted the job market in multiple ways. Not only are more workers moving to freelance positions, this trend is changing their expectations. Research found that 65 per cent of employees would pursue contract work if given the opportunity. This can be attributed to the many perceived benefits of such roles such as working from home.

A 2016 survey reported that the ability to work remotely impacted 68 per cent of candidates decision. I don't anticipate the entire workforce to quit their traditional jobs for contract work. But the popularisation of these non-traditional roles has changed employee expectations and companies have to adapt accordingly.

social media recruitment
Social Media Recruitment

Social Recruitment

Using social media for recruitment is one of the key recruitment trends that will continue to be a growth area. LinkedIn, Facebook etc. are platforms that allow you to converse with potential employees about the business you are recruiting for. Also look at groups formed on LinkedIn that relate to your sector, an easy way to discuss business with like-minded people.

Personally I think these three things are going to be the biggest in 2019 but if you think there are others please feel free to comment

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