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Get your CV ready during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Research shows that on average employers spend on average just ten to fifteen seconds reviewing a CV before deciding to read on, or add it to the reject pile. So how does your CV fair at that crucial first glance?  During the current COVID-19 outbreak now is the perfect time to get your CV looking great and functioning as it should.

With the bigger employers using A.I. to screen your applications without a human even setting eyes on it your CV simply has to measure up? Are you hearing back on your applications? If not then you have joined the ranks of people who are frustrated day after day and wondering when they will ever hear back on job applications.

Stressed man trying to write a CV
Stressed Out

So to feel less stressed out and get a CV that will land you either your first job, the next step on your ladder or even your last hurrah we have been working with school leavers, graduates, first jobbers, high flyers and silver surfers for years.

Contact us today to give yourself the edge, don't end up looking like the man in the picture above. You wouldn't trust someone with no experience of electrics to re wire your house so why try and write a CV when you don't have 25 years experience of doing exactly that. Bring the Saffron experience to life and contact us today.

Head over to our dedicated CV page -

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