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Why do you need a CV?

Research shows that on average employers spend on average just ten to fifteen seconds reviewing a CV before deciding to read on, or add it to the reject pile. So how does your CV fair at that crucial first glance? 


Our professional CV writing service is performed by professional consultants with over 25 years of reviewing, re-writing and creating CV's and they know exactly how to highlight your application to potential employers. ​

One Simple Price

A lot of companies will offer you a myriad of different prices for all sorts of things from generic this to targeted that. At Saffron Recruitment we cut through all of this and give you what you actually need to get that job, Professional CV writing for one price.


For one simple price you will get a CV in Word or PDF format that will give your CV

the head start it needs to grab that all important attention from line managers and the new kind of A,I, that a lot of the bigger companies now employ to screen CV's without a human ever seeing your CV. The all important keywords will be right there fighting your corner.


So if you are sending out CV's and not hearing anything back  on the jobs you have applied for that might be your CV letting you down, Contact us today to get your job search back on track. We are specialists at launching careers. A little bit of Saffron goes a long way when recruiting. 

Send us your CV today to 


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