Recruitment in 2019 - What to expect

The death of the paper CV? Say goodbye to paper CVs? The future is signalling the end of the paper CV. Organisations are beginning to place more importance on soft skills. Beyond a paper document, social media profiles and video submissions can more accurately demonstrate a first impression. For the company hiring this means keeping up with trends and being able to accommodate these technologies. For job seekers, this means developing an integrated personal brand through soci

Finding the perfect ingredient for your business

Before you even begin creating your recruitment offer you must know exactly what you are looking for. What skills, traits and values are a must? What special things should you be looking for? That's where we come in. We will work with you to understand the requirement, we will target personalities and abilities as well as the desired values a successful candidate must portray for your business. These values and traits should match the culture of your company which will not o

How to hire the right people

We all know the world is changing fast, and new and different demands are being made of leaders all the time. We continually hear that to rise to today’s challenges, businesses need to have a diverse talent pool, an agile organisational structure, meaningful objectives and fresh thinking. Businesses, in particular, need to acknowledge that their stakeholders include a broad range of parties, including customers, employees, suppliers, the media and governments. New research of