Recruitment Strategies that really work!

Getting the right people in the door seems to be a continual challenge for business owners and leaders. Common complaints – from the huge conglomerates to early stage startups – centre around how hard it is to find good people, the lack of effective recruitment strategies, and that there isn’t enough time to focus on it. The good news is that recruiting can be both simple and, more interestingly, it can support and drive your business growth when it's done correctly. All that

The changing face of recruitment

Too often recruitment has had a short-term focus on skills and knowledge, rather than attitude, personality, and potential. Research has shown that companies are starting to change their selection methods to highlight and uncover potential rather than experience. When candidates are rigidly screened on skills, key-words, and experience, many good people are overlooked due to missing qualifications and job history. The fact that you can train new skills, but not a new personal