Get your CV ready during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Research shows that on average employers spend on average just ten to fifteen seconds reviewing a CV before deciding to read on, or add it to the reject pile. So how does your CV fair at that crucial first glance?  During the current COVID-19 outbreak now is the perfect time to get your CV looking great and functioning as it should. With the bigger employers using A.I. to screen your applications without a human even setting eyes on it your CV simply has to measure up? Are yo

Recruitment in 2019 - What to expect

The death of the paper CV? Say goodbye to paper CVs? The future is signalling the end of the paper CV. Organisations are beginning to place more importance on soft skills. Beyond a paper document, social media profiles and video submissions can more accurately demonstrate a first impression. For the company hiring this means keeping up with trends and being able to accommodate these technologies. For job seekers, this means developing an integrated personal brand through soci

The changing face of recruitment

Too often recruitment has had a short-term focus on skills and knowledge, rather than attitude, personality, and potential. Research has shown that companies are starting to change their selection methods to highlight and uncover potential rather than experience. When candidates are rigidly screened on skills, key-words, and experience, many good people are overlooked due to missing qualifications and job history. The fact that you can train new skills, but not a new personal